Walasey Ltd



Walasey Components' management team has unsurpassed engineering, sales and managing experts, who can assist you at each stage of your business and offer you full support in decision making and strategic management.


Board Committee

  • Mr. Wong King Bor, Jim         (Chairman of the Board)  
  • Mr. Zhu Yan Hua, Edward     (Director)  
  • Mr. Chen Shi, Keith                (Director)


Executive Team

  • Mr. Zhu Yan Hua, Edward    (Chief Executive Officer)  
  • Mr. Wong King Bor, Jim       (Marketing and Financial Officer
  • Mr. Chen Shi, Keith              (Fuzhou R&D Officer) 
  • Mr. Yang Ya Dong, Myron    (General Manager)  
  • Ms. Melody Chan                  (Supply Chain Manager, Supply Chain Quality Assurance Manager) 
  • Ms. EVA Xia                          (Chief Accountant) 
  • Ms. Zhou Min, Rose              (Admin Manager)