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Rakon is a world leader in the development of frequency control solutions. Rakon has been at the forefront of crystal and oscillator technology for many years. We have leading market positions in the supply of crystal oscillators to the GPS, telecommunications network timing/synchronization and aerospace markets.

With a diverse product portfolio, Rakon products range from low stability XO, VCXO and crystal products, through to high volume precision TCXOs, OCXOs and rubidium equivalent, frequency standards. At Rakon we listen, learn and share insights, not simply providing products but creating future focused solutions.

Head office is based in Auckland, New Zealand with principle manufacturing operations in New Zealand, the UK, France and India. Sales offices are located throughout the world.

Founded in New Zealand in 1967 by Warren Robinson, Rakon became the leading supplier of GPS TCXOs to the world market in 1991. Since then the GPS market has evolved from low volume niche applications to a high volume consumer based market. Rakon has maintained market dominance and has excelled in transforming high precision, niche technology into high volume cost effective solutions, while still maintaining the highest performance and quality. Our leadership has been achieved through unique proprietary processes, continual innovation, expert consultation and constant technology advancement.



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