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Founded in Hong Kong in October 1993, Walasey Components has several subsidiaries set up and developed to become a diversified enterprise for electronic component distribution, R & D and supply chain service.

Walasey Components is the member of Walasey (China) Group. Being a professional distributor of electronic components, Walasey Components is dedicated to offers a wide range of electronic components with leading-edge technologies and comprehensive customer engagement:


Communications: Public Utilities Trunking Communication, Professional Wireline Data Transmission, Public Network Communication, Navigation Safety Communication, Optical Communication


Microwave Radio: Radio, Radar, Telemetry & Remote Control Sensing, RF Testing Instruments


Aerospace: ARINC429, Mil-1553 Bus, ARINC825 CAN Bus High-Quality Frequency Control Project.


Power Supply System: AC-DC Power Conversion, DC-DC Power Conversion, POE Distal Power Supply, High-Power Special UPS.


Industrial Control: Field Bus Control, Servo Control, Sensor Control, Motor Operation Control


Others: Mine Safety, EPC System Network, Automotive Electronics, Consumer Electronic Products, Radio Ranging Location, Household Appliances, Communication Terminal, Display Terminal, etc.


Over the years, in addition to the expert sales network service in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu, Beijing, Xian, Walasey Components operates technical support centres in Fuzhou and Shenzhen and 2 main distribution centres in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. It’s completed and reliable operational system connects manufacturers with customers by supplying reliable products, cost effective and superior logistics service and technical support.


Walasey is a major electronic component distributor providing the products of:



CML Microcircuits


Holt Integrated Circuits Inc.


WanTcom, Inc.


Silver Telecom Ltd


Rakon Ltd


Gemstone Communications, Inc.


Nanotron Technologies GmbH


International Manufacturing Services, Inc.










10.1993 Walasey Ltd set up in Hong Kong
03.1994 Shanghai Subsidiary established
05.1995 Fuzhou R&D established
04.1997 Shenzhen Subsidiary established
08.2000 Wuhan Subsidiary established
05.2006 Chengdu Subsidiary established
10.2006 Beijing Subsidiary established
01.2009 North and South Sales Centres established. North focuses on industrial market. South also on general market.
07.2010 Xian Subsidiary established
01.2011 Shenzhen distribution centre established



Address: Units 05 and 06,15/F, The 80/20 Building, No.161 Wai Yip Street, Kwun Tong, KLN, HK.

Tel: +852-2357-1676


Email: info@walasey.com.hk


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