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WanTcom, A Wireless And Network Telecommunications company, is a leading supplier in design and manufacturing of RF/microwave low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers and sub-systems. Strong design capability, high performance products, and high volume capabilities are the core competence. The standard products include low noise amplifiers (LNA), high linear power amplifiers (PA), and subsystems. In addition to providing standard products, WanTcom offers customized products to optimize performance, cost, and solutions for your specific applications.

WanTcom provides RF and microwave amplifiers and related subsystems, which have the super low noise figure of 0.35 dB and ultra high IP3 of 60 dBm, for the applications of cellular phone base stations, microwave communications, radar front-ends, satellite communications, and tests and measurements.

WanTcom provides high performance and high quality products which meet MIL-STD-202 and MIL-STD-883 for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). 


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