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Full-Feature Audio-Processing, Signalling and GPS Data for

Half Duplex FRS, MURS, PMR446 and GMRS ‘Leisure’ Radios



• Automatic signal type scanning and IRQ on detection of valid Rx signals, level or RSSI

• Voice processing facilities, including Tx and Rx gain setting and voice/subaudio filtering

• Tone generator for caller recognition tunes • C-BUS serial host interface

• Programmable power down control • RF interface allowing 1 or 2 point modulation

• Programmable signal detection thresholds • Programmable soft limiter

• Low Power operation with Zero Power mode • Enhanced CTCSS and 23/24 bit DCS codecs

• Uncommitted Aux ADC with switchable input to monitor signals

• Zero ‘talk down’ CTCSS decoder performance prevents dropouts

• Silent operation by removal of unwanted calls • ‘All call code’ and ‘monitor’ modes for CTCSS

• Selectable voice companding • Audio scrambling

• XTCSS channel and data signalling

• Robust Half Duplex FFSK/MSK modem, 1200/2400 bps,  gets data through when signal is too degraded for voice – for text messaging/paging, location transfer, etc.


Applications :

• Robust automatic packet data protocol with: Error correction and detection, Interleaving and

data scrambling/privacy coding.

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